Fail-Over Website Hosting

In April 2011, Amazon had a near four day outage of their EC2 cloud. FOUR DAYS!!!! And by one of the major enterprise hosting providers in the world. Then in October 2012, another disaster struck, You HAVE TO spread your risk.

Website outages are common place. Hardware can and will fail. Networks can and will fail.

When hardware fails, outages are usually 1 - 5+ hours, and when their 99.9% uptime guarantee is breached, hosts will credit you a pro-rate portion of your hosting fees.

But will a $1 credit make amends for a 3 hour website outage and lost business?

With Globi's fail-over website hosting, your website stays up, no matter what. All our web servers have health monitors and redundant fail-over caches in case of outages.

failover website hosting

Website Fail-Over

If there is a problem with the primary server that your website is on, your website traffic will automatically be routed to the secondary fail-over server.

Fail-over happens in less than 10 seconds.

When the problem with the primary server has been resolved, traffic will automatically be routed back to the primary server.

Static Cache Backups

Our caching engine regularly and automatically scrapes your website content to have a recent copy of your website content.

There's nothing for you to configure or maintain. A static version of your website will automatically be available in case there's a problem with a primary server.

For more details, read about the Globi Caching Engine and how it works.

Hosting Plans

See more details on our website hosting plans and pricing.